Electric Tricycles in Our Streets

With 3.5 million diesel spewing tricycles in the Philippines- imagine all the noise and air pollution they generate. Let’s help get those e-trikes spearheaded by the Asian Development Bank out there so that we can phase out the very noisy, very uncomfortable, very inefficient, pollution generator galore motorized tricycle.

Because they make more money- spending US$1 on an electrical charge versus US$4 per day on diesel, the current trike drivers are actually eager to get their hands on the vehicle but production is slow in the coming. I don’t know why ADB has not made it clear how much an e-trike actually costs, they only mention the funding they are putting in to get 100,000 trikes out there to cut the noise and air pollution.

In the meantime, I checked online and found E-Trikes from China cost around FOB Price: US $600-2700 / Unit depending on capacity, etc. with a minimum of 40 units.

6 thoughts on “Electric Tricycles in Our Streets

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  2. That price are for units that don’t work in the Philippines. Even the more expensive ones. I know because I bought several models. Units made in China are made, generally, for colder, flatter, dryer areas. The Philippines, obviously, is not cold and flat – it’s hilly and hot and humid. It’s the absolute worst conditions for an electric vehicle. What I eventually have now is something designed by Filipino engineers, former BMW professionals, and several international partners (Chinese included) which is tailored specifically for the Philippine environment and driver/operator pocketbook.

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