My journey for Project: Island Hopes is with CCT (Center for Community Transformation). It is a field partner of HOPE International and KIVA. As of February 2015, CCT has released US$4,575,800 in loans for 9,030 micro-entrepreneurs all over the Philippines with a delinquency rate of 2.93%, at risk rate of 3.51% and default rate of 0.41%. As with many micro-financing institutions, over 93% of the loans are extended to women who provide a supplementary income to the family.

If you want to support some of their micro-entrepreneurs, you can read their profiles and stories at the KIVA website. Since KIVA has such an excellent system of financial distribution in place already, I suggest, especially if you want to just give out small loans of US$25, to go there directly- here’s the link to the CCT partners (those in need of micro-financing) listed there.

You can also read more about KIVA’s 3rd party assessment of CCT’s programs at this link. Please note that CCT is a Christian organization fully led and run by Filipinos that caters to Filipinos in need from all races and religions. Their vision is “to see a network of Christ-centered faith communities where Jesus Christ is honored and worshipped and where people live with dignity and sufficiency in accordance with God’s plan for a just, humane, and caring society.”

The Little Entrepreneur Pte Ltd (Singapore) gave me time off from 2012 – 2013 to help CCT in various aspects of their enterprise: branding, marketing, technology, etc. Basically, anything the CCT partners needed in terms of improving their business, we tried to help. In addition, to promote tourism as well as meaningful community involvement projects, some Singapore schools also worked with the different ministries of CCT along with other NGO’s, charities, orphanages that TLE already works with in the Philippines.

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